Angel is a female character from the 2001 sequel to Lady & The Tramp, Lady & The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure.

About Her

Angel is from Lady & The Tramp 2. After PrinceBalto saw the movie, Angel quickly became a favorite character of his. She is a beautiful mutt puppy with golden fur and blue eyes. She is the girlfriend of Scamp, Lady & Tramp's son. Prior to meeting Scamp, she was, sadly, abandoned by various owners for different reasons, including moving, a new baby and allergies. By film's end, she is adopted by Scamp's family.


Angel plays Mission Vao in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Elijah Skywalker Animal Style)

She is an alien street urchin

Angel plays young Nala in The Angel Dog King

She is a lion cub

Angel plays Mammoth Mutt in Humphrey The Superwolf

She is a superhero dog


In Brainy & The Krypto II, Mammoth Mutt from Krypto The Superdog plays Angel.

In fanfiction

In PrinceBalto's crossover, she is Solomon's adoptive sister and the aunt of his pups. In Disney Universe, she is owned by Rapunzel in place of Pascal.