PrinceBalto's upcoming tv spoof of "Star Wars: Rebels".
Charlie sing

Charlie Barkin as Kanan Jarrus


  • Charlie Barkin (All Dogs Go To Heaven) as Kanan Jarrus
  • Scamp (Lady & The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure) as Ezra Bridger
  • Rita (Oliver & Company) as Hera Syndulla
  • Knuckles (Sonic The Hedgehog) as Zeb Orrelios
  • Kate (Alpha & Omega) as Sabine
  • Roger (The Penguins Of Madagascar) as Chopper
  • Jenner (The Secret Of NIMH) as The Imperial Inquisitor
  • Temutai (Kung Fu Panda) as Agent Kallus
  • Soto (Ice Age) as Darth Vader
  • Aleu (Balto II: Wolf Quest) as Ahsoka Tano
  • Scarface (The Animals of Farthing Wood) as Darth Maul