Colleen is a gorgeous female anthro collie
Colleen pose
from the 1996 animated series Road Rovers. She is very widely thought to be Hunter's girlfriend. She is also the sole female on the team and hates Blitz.


Lupe Wolf in Balto The Wolf-Dog

She is a hot she-wolf

The Ant Queen in A Super Animal's Life

She is an ant

Adult Vitani in The Wolf-Dog King II: Balto's Pack

She is a lioness

Aayla Secura in Animation Star Wars

She is an attractive alien Jedi

Miss Kitty in The Great Wolf Detective 

She is a mouse

Mary Darling in Humphrey Pan

She is a mother


  • Road Animals- Colleen is played by Tigress


Though they are not an official couple, Colleen is widely believed to be Hunter's girlfriend. They show many hints.