Kiara is a female character in The Lion King 2.
Adult Kiara
She is a lioness and the daughter of Simba and Nala. Her mate is Kovu.


Below is a listing of Kiara's roles in PrinceBalto's spoof, separated by age:


Balto Hood- Tagalong Rabbit

She is a baby bunny


Animation Star Wars Episode I-III- Padme Amidala

She is a queen and senator

Sailor Kate- Sailor Jupiter

She is a sailor scout

Kovuto- Jenna

She is a gorgeous Siberian Husky

Madagascar 3 (PrinceBalto Style)- Gia

She is a jaguar

Simbalto II: Lion Quest- Aleu

She is a wolf

Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal- Princess Yue

She is a moon princess

Kovuzan- Jane

She is a beautiful British woman