Lady Blue

Lady Blue is a female villain from The Animals of Farthing Wood and the mate of Scarface.


Zira in The Wolf-Dog King II: Balto's Pack

She is an evil lioness

Maleficent in Sleeping Afghan & Lady Blue (Maleficent)

She is the mistress of all evil

Belladonna in All Wolves Go To Heaven: The Series & An All Wolves Christmas Carol

She is a hellhound

Hama in Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal 

She is a bloodbender

Su in Kung Fu Wolf: Legends Of Awesomeness

She is a beautiful thief

Ursula in The Little Mer-Husky & The Little Mer-Fox

She is a sea witch.


In Animals Of Animation Wood, Lady Blue is played by the actress who played her in All Wolves Go to Heaven, Belladonna.