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Just remember to follow the rules and use categories right.

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Please refrain from posting anything. The wiki is closed.

Zero-tolerance policy for trolling

Trolling will not be tolerated. I work hard on this site, and I will deal with any trolling I see. You, users, are absolutely forbidden to belittle or argue with anyone for any reason. Please, do not, under any circumstance, engage them in conversation. Instead, take the high road and report it to the staff. Remember, for example, just because they use characters from say, a tv show intended for children, that is not a reason to belittle them.

Welcome to the PrinceBalto Wiki

This Wiki is devoted to veteran fanartist PrinceBalto.


PrinceBalto, AKA BaltoTheHero87, has created numerous fanworks, including movie spoofs, crossovers and fanfictions.

The Rules

These are the rules. I expect them to be obeyed at all times:

  • Youtube spoofing rules do not apply here
  • I can use who I want, when I want
  • I can do what I want, when I want
  • No troublemaking or trolling
  • No profanity of any sort at any time
  • Have fun!

The Types Of Spoofs Absolutely Not Permitted Here

Any of these spoofs will be deleted if they are ever found:

  • Spoofs using villains as heroes and heroes as villains. Those do not make any sense.
  • Spoofs using only just characters from programs, films or other sources meant for small children. It is not mature. You can use them in conjuction with characters from shows that are for older audiences.
  • Spoofs that use female characters as male characters, and vice versa. That is just stupid.

A Note On Star Wars Content

I know that Disney is planning on changing the SW canon. However, the old canon of the expanded universe and the films is the canon we are sticking to. No exceptions for any reason.

Do Not Change My Casts

If any of my casts are changed for no reason, usually with characters I don't use, you will be banned. It is just that simple.


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