Flirty Sasha

Sasha La Fleur is a main character from the All Dogs Go to Heaven franchise from the second film on.

About Her

Sasha first appeared in All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and continued to appear in the ADGTH TV series of the mid-90's. She is a gorgeous female Irish Setter who is the mate of Charlie Barkin, though they often disagree on things. Still, they love each other.


Sasha played Adult Nala in The Angel Dog King

She is a beautiful lioness

Sasha played Perdita in 101 Mutts

She is a beautiful dalmatian

Sasha played Mrs. Fox in Fantastic Mr. Barkin

She is a vixen

Sasha played Anastasia in Sashastasia

She is a Russian princess

Sasha played Eden in Poladdin (TV Series)

She is a beautiful female genie

Sasha played Sue Charlton in the Crocodile Barkin trilogy

She is a reporter


In All Wolves Go To Heaven 2, Sasha is played by Jenna from Balto. In All Creatures Go To Heaven 2, she is played by Tigress from Kung Fu Panda.

Name Trivia

  • Her last name is French for "The Flower".