Krypto and Brainy

Brainy Barker and her mate, Krypto

You Who I Called Brother is a recent Krypto The Superdog fanfiction by PrinceBalto on deviantART.


In this alternate version of the series, Krypto and Brainy Barker are romantically involved and are the parents of a son, Draco, who can breathe fire like a dragon and, as an adult, transform into one. Their other son is Snooky Wookums, who is adopted and his role as Mechanikat's sidekick is taken over by Delilah. Also featured are Mr. Freeze's pet Polar bear Blizzard, Isis, the Bad News Birds and Bud & Lou.

A major theme of the fanfic is Krypto and Brainy's longing for each other when they are apart. Eventually, Brainy steps down as leader of the Dog Star Patrol to be with Krypto full time. They are madly in love, often staying outside to stargaze.

Crossover Elements

At one point, the fic crosses over with The Fox & The Hound II, as Dixie and her canine bandmates appear. Dixie becomes the adult Draco's girlfriend.